Selected abstract published in conference 

1.Urmila Saxena, Asim Bikas Das (2016), Designing Splice Isoform-Specific Nucleic Acid Based Biosensor for Detection of Breast Cancer,  NGS' 2016 Genome Annotation. Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, Spain.

2. VSPK Sankara Aditya J, Asim Bikas Das, Urmila Saxena (2016), Microarray Data Analysis to Identify Prognostic Breast Cancer Biomarkers, International Conference On "Emerging Biotechnologies ". Kakatiya University, Warangal, India, January 2016 (Best poster award).

3. Sumithra.B, Asim Bikas Das (2015), Oncogenic Sam68 links Signaling Pathways and Alternative Splicing, 9th Indo Global Summit on Cancer Therapy, Hyderabad, India.

4. VSPK Sankara Aditya J, Asim Bikas Das, Urmila Saxena (2015), Identification of Potential Biomarkers for Early Detection of Breast Cancer Through In Silico Approaches, 9th Indo Global Summit on Cancer Therapy, Hyderabad, India.

5. Sumithra.B, Asim Bikas Das (2015), Transcriptional regulation and protein-protein interaction networks of human Oncogenic splicing factor Sam68, International conference on Stem cells and Cancer (ICSCC), Pune, India (Best poster award).

​6. Qiankun Niu, Wei Wang, Boseon Byeon, Yong Li, Asim Bikas Das, Wei-Hua Wu (2014), Role of ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling enzyme Fun30 in co-transcriptional pre-mRNA splicing. Yeast Genetics Meeting, University of Washington, Seattle, USA.

7. Asim Bikas Das, Biplab Bose (2008), Heterologous Expression of Human Oncofetal Protein Cripto-1, 77th Annual meeting of Society of Biological Chemists (India), IIT Madras, Chennai, India.

Cover page

The work is reproduced and featured in EMBL-EBI,UK (BioModels Database) website as model of the month (September, 2017). Link : click here

Talk in conferences and workshop

1. Asim Bikas Das  (2017),  Network Theory to Understand Biology of Complex Diseases , 11th All India Peoples’ Technology Congress , NITTTR, Kolkata, India 

2. Asim Bikas Das (2016), Complexity in Wnt Signaling Pathway, Whole-Cell Modeling Course, Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, Spain.

3. Asim Bikas Das (2013), Context Dependent Behaviour of Growth Factors: An Insight into Signalling Pathways, Emerging Trend in Genetic Engineering, NIT Warangal, India.

Research and Publications


Network System Biology: We do quantitative modeling of cell signaling pathway  & analyze the large-scale network of the mammalian system. We use python, Matlab and COPASI to build the quantitative model. We use the powerful R programming language to analyze the large-scale transcriptomics data to identify cancer biomarkers. We apply the theory of network science to understand cellular communication in the healthy and pathological state. ​ 

 Publications in Journals

1. Pre-print: Asim Bikas Das*, Lung Disease Network Reveals the Impact of Comorbidity on SARS-CoV-2 infection,  bioRxiv (2020)

2. Asim Bikas Das*, Small-world networks of prognostic genes associated with lung adenocarcinoma development, Genomics(2020) 112, 4078-4088.

3.​Qiankun Niu, Wei Wang, Zhe Wei, Boseon Byeon, Asim Bikas Das, Bo-Shiun Chen, Wei-Hua Wu. Role of the ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling enzyme Fun30/Smarcad1 in the regulation of mRNA splicing, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (2020) 526, 453-458.

4.B. Sumithra,  V.S.P.K. Sankara Aditya Jayanthi, Hari Chandana Manne, Rashmika Gunda, Urmila Saxena, Asim Bikas Das*.  Antibody-based biosensor to detect oncogenic splicing factor Sam68 for the diagnosis of lung cancer, Biotechnology Letters(2020),

​​5. VSPK Sankara Aditya Jayanthi, Asim Bikas Das*, Urmila Saxena*, Grade-specific diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in breast cancer, Genomics(2020) 112, 388-396.

6. B.Sumithra, Urmila Saxena, Asim Bikas Das*, A comprehensive study on genome-wide coexpression network of KHDRBS1/Sam68 reveals its cancer and patient-specific association, Scientific Reports (2019) 9, 11083.  

 7. Asim Bikas Das*, Disease association of human tumor suppressor genes, Molecular Genetics and Genomics(2019) 294, 931-940. (The article is highlighted in Nature India, April 2019,  link: click here)  

8. VSPK. Sankara Aditya Jayanthi, Asim Bikas Das, Urmila Saxena, Fabrication of an immunosensor for quantitative detection of breast cancer biomarker UBE2C, RSC Advances(2019) 9, 16738. 

9Rahul Rao Padala, Rishabh Karnawat, Satish Bharathwaj Viswanathan, Abhishek Vijay Thakkar, and Asim Bikas Das*

Cancerous perturbations within the ERK, PI3K/Akt, and Wnt/b-catenin signaling network constitutively activate inter-pathway positive feedback loops, Molecular BioSystems(2017) 13, 830 - 840.  (PMID:28367561

This article is selected as theme article 2017 by Royal Society of Chemistry, UK and featured in cover page of the journal


10. VSPK Sankara Aditya Jayanthi, Asim Bikas Das, Urmila Saxena, Recent advances in biosensor development for the detection of cancer biomarkers, Biosensors and Bioelectronics (2017) 91, 15-23.  (PMID:27984706)

(This article is featured as one of the most cited article

11.B. Sumithra, Urmila Saxena, Asim Bikas Das*, Alternative splicing within the Wnt signaling pathway: role in cancer development,

 Cellular Oncology (2016) 39, 1-13.  (PMID: 26762488)

 (This article is cited in product catalog of Creative Diagonestic, USA (Link)

12.Asim Bikas Das, Pojul Loying, Biplab Bose, Human Recombinant Cripto-1 Increases Doubling Time and Reduces Proliferation of HeLa Cells Independent of Pro-proliferation Pathways. Cancer Letters (2012) 318, 189.  (PMID: 22182448)

13.Bholanath Paul, Vani Mishra, Bhushan Chaudhury, Anjali Awasthi, Asim Bikas Das, Urmila Saxena, Ashok Saxena, Lalit K. Chauhan, Pradeep Kumar, Sheikh RaisuddinStatus of Stat3 in an ovalbumin-induced mouse model of asthma: Analysis of the role of Socs3 and IL-6. International Archives of Allergy and Immunology (2009) 48, 99.  (PMID: 18799889)